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Frequently asked questions:


  1. What should I do, if my order has not been delivered?
  2. How do you calculate the delivery costs
  3. How long should I wait for my order?
  4. How to place an order in your shop?
  5. What is and how does work the list of watched products?


What should I do, if my order has not been delivered?


All packages are being delivered by Post or by courier. It
takes about 3 days (for Poland). If the courier doesn't find anyone in the house,
he leaves advice note in which you can find information about
claiming your package. Courier should try to meet you at least 2
times. If he doesn't meet you twice, package returns to us.



How do you calculate the delivery costs?

Delivery costs are added to every order and they are being paid by the
customer. Delivery cost depends on chosen payment method, gross weight of the
order and method of delivery.



How long should I wait for my order?

We try to process orders immediately, but sometimes the time may
lenghten, for example when we dont have the product in our store and
we have to order it. In this situation, time of getting the product
shouldn't exceed 14 days. If the product is present in our store, one
of our staff members will contact you by mail or phone.





How to place an order in our shop?


Caution: To use our shop, you must turn on the Cookies option in your
web browser. If you add products to your cart and it's still empty, it
means that you have Cookies turned off.

Shopping: You can buy products in two ways.
1. On the product's page you can choose amount of the product and
click the cart button.
2. You can also enter the description page (by clicking on product's
icon). On this page you can see full description of the product. You
buy it the same way - choose amount and click the cart button.

Cart's content:
Everytime you click on the cart's icon, cart's content is displayed.
You can also see the content at any time by clicking "Your cart" in
the top part of screen.
On this page you can see products, that you put in your cart. You can
make few operations:
- by clicking on product's icon, you step to the full description of product
- in the text part, you can see product's description, price, amount
and value (amount * price)
- in the right part there are 3 buttons:
1. remove product - removes the selceted product from Your cart.

2. remove 1 piece - removes one piece from the current amount of the product (if there was only one piece, it is equal to clicking "remove product".

3. add 1 piece - adds one piece to the current amount of the product.


Placing an order:

To make an order please click on "Place an order" button in the top part of the screen. On the next page you will be asked for login and password.

If it's your first time here and you dont have any login and password, click "register". Fill the form on the following page. You must provide phone number and email address, which our staff can use to confirm your order. In addition, in the first 2 fields you will be asked for your login and password. They will prevent other people to place orders with your details. If someone already reserved the login you are trying to provide, or you use incorrect characters, you will be asked to type other login. To change parameters of your account (for example phone number), go to the page "Log in".

When you have your login and password, type them on the page titled : "Order". In addition, in the field "Order's comments" you can provide additional information such as other phone numbers, hours of delivery etc.

Now click on order button and Your order will be sent to our database. From this time, it will enter the queue for processing. If you provided Your email while creating an account, confirmation of your order with complete list of your ordered products will be sent to You immediately 

Now you can just wait until one of our staff will contact you to confirm the order.

If for any reason you change your mind, and you want to cancel the order, you can You can do so on the "Log in" page.




What is the list of watched products and how does it work?

List of watched products is your personal product container. It is independent from the cart. By entering the products details and clicking the icon of adding product to the watched list, you add it to your list. On the list, there are stored products in certain amounts. You can use the feature to remember the product which you would like to get, but you dont have enough money to buy now.

You can also add products to the watched list straight from the cart. Just click on the icon of adding products to the list, and the product will be automatically added. Reverse action is also possible, one click is enough to add watched products to the cart.

Your watched list is not being deleted, if you don't visit our shop for a few days. If you are logged in, your list will stay here forever. You dont have to search again for something, that you wanted earlier. To keep your list saved for a long time, please log in to Your account. You can add products to the list even if you are not logged in, but it will be saved only for about 2 days (same as cart's content). After that time, list will be deleted. If you add products to the list, and then log in, they will be added to your list.

List of the watched products is similiar to the cart, but you can see other information
about the product displayed instead of amount of ordered products.

Customer Support

Telefon komórkowy: + 48 796 20 17 20

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Address: Zawadzkiego 12A, 07-410 Ostrołęka (POLAND)

Shop Owner

Modern HST M. P. Prytulak sp.j.

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